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Type of Insurance
  • A car insurance policy is a package of several primary coverage's. The coverage's may vary depending on the state where you live. Your premium payment is the total of these separate coverages for a given period of time.
  • Indemnify the insured for glass, windows or mirrors breakage. Also covers the inscriptions, drawings or paint work of any kind as long as the damage is produce by the breakage of the glass, window or mirror insured.
  • As many as four out of five people who own a house insurance, don't have enough cover to rebuild their home. And, many people don't realize they are underinsured, until it's too late. Having a Home Insurance provides you with peace of mind in knowing that if your home is destroyed, your rebuilding costs will be covered. We will ensure the insurance cover for your home is for the right amount. Also you can add earthquake and theft for your contents.
  • Involves the damages that individuals or companies can cause to a third party:
    a) Professional Liability: Protects professional practitioners against potential negligence claims made by their patients/clients.
    b) Homeowners Liability: Individuals face many direct and indirect exposures to liability. A homeowner may be held liable for damages from his or her home or anywhere on the insured's premises.
  • Luggage delays or having a credit card stolen when you travel isn't just annoying, it can be disastrous. And you really don't want to be paying medical bills in a foreign country. That's why we've come up with travel insurance that's as simple as it can get. You can think of our travel insurance as travelling with a friend who'll stick by you through thick and thin.
  • Personal Insurance
    GAMB Insurance Brokers offers a variety of coverage options according to your personal needs. We have the experience and the tools to find products especially design for you and your family, obtaining the best terms and available conditions in the market. Our commitment to personalized service and access to multiple insurance companies translate into broader coverage and accessible prices.

  • Customer contact expressing a need of assurance.
  • Risk evaluation and insurance proposal.
  • Quote in several insurance companies of the market for later evaluation from the client.
  • Contracting of the insurance on the part of the client.
  • Constant personalized advising in the hired insurance and in possible claims.