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Type of Insurance
  • The Credit Insurance is an instrument the purpose of which is to protect the companies against the risk of non payment of accounts receivable, both in the national and international markets, due to declared insolvency (bankruptcy, suspension of payments with creditors, or other similar situations), or for non payment of credits for more than 6 months.
    It is possible to cover credit invoices for assets or services that are commercialized inter companies, on short terms (up to 1 year), or long terms (up to 3 years).

  • The surety policy is an insurance contract through which an insurer, guarantees compliance of performance of the purchaser, or insured, concerning a contractual obligation or legal disposition, whereby the respective entity becomes obliged to pay the credits a determined amount (insured amount) for damages caused due to non compliance of the guaranteed obligations.
    The operations that we guarantee originate from different works and contracts, i.e., construction, consulting, provision, supply and installation, performance of projects, training courses, concessions, tenders, purchase/sales agreements, and in general a wide spread of contracts and commercial agreements.
  • Surety And Credit Insurance
    GAMB Insurance Brokers give advice in your commercial operations to make more efficient your administration, this base on credit insurance (domestic an exportation) and surety policies.