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Type of Insurance
  • a) Life Insurance: The goal is to protect the employee in case of a premature death or additionals hired in the policy. The employer paid benefits that helps meet a portion of your family's income needs in the event of a premature death. Life insurance provides money directly to the beneficiaries or to the company and then it is distribute.
    b) Health Insurance: With this insurance the employees of your company and their families will have help to cover the differences between the health expenses that are not cover by Isapre or Fonasa. The insurance company will reimburse expenses incurred because of a disease or accident according to the plan that the company has hired. Also, under this insurance you can cover your spouse and kids.
    c) Critical Illness: Although most medical plans provide coverage for hospital and medical expenses arising from critical illnesses, there are still many expenses that are not covered, such as medical co-pays, transportation to treatment centers, childcare and more. Could your nest egg withstand the financial impact? This payment can help keep your family finances on track when you experience this condition.
    d) Dental Plan Insurance: Insurance company's offers group dental benefit plans that help employees, retirees and their families maintain oral health while reducing out-of-pocket expenses and providing the superior customer service and features they value.
    e) Income Protection Insurance: every person that is a dependent worker and quote regularly in the pension institutions has coverage for their Isapre or Fonasa up to UF 60. This insurance aims to insure the continuity of your incomes when your salary exceed that amount and you suffer and accident or a disease that prevent you for working and cover the difference between what is paid for your Isapre or Fonasa and your regular income. In case of Health care professionals the insure covers up to 60% of their regular income. This insurance can be hired by professionals that are dependent or independents up to 64 years old and can stay insure till 65 years old.
  • a) Life Savings Insurance: Protects the policy holder against Natural death and additional in case they want to be hired.
    b) Health Insurance: Cover those values that overcome the ones cover by Isapre or Fonasa, reimbursing up to 100% of all the medical expenses not cover for this health institution.
  • Life and Health Insurance
    GAMB Insurance Brokers offers you life and health Insurance, for individuals as well as for companies. We design you a plan according to the needs of protection that your family or company needs. Our qualify staff is able to assist you in any need you may have or required.